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Dixie Septic Tank Manufacturer of Dixie Septic Tanks is a licensed and insured septic service contractor proudly serving Central Florida including Volusia County, Seminole County, Lake County, Orange County, and Putnam County Florida since 1968.

Septic Tank Services often include: septic tank installation, septic tank cleaning, septic system replacement, design new and repair rock drain fields, filterport caps, pumps and septic tank system design. We use modern up-to-date technologies, up-to-date designs, and over 50 years of knowledge and experience.

Dixie Septic Tank Concrete Septic Tanks. We have been in business for over 50 years. We are one of the few companies in Florida if not the entire United States that manufactures its own septic tanks, pipe, pipe fitting, and aggregate rock media.

One of the officers of the corporation has a “Master Septic Tank Contractor License”. enabling us to offer a quality product backed by years of experience.

Septic Services

Smart Septic Systems
Septic Tank Pump-Out
√ Septic Tank Installation
√ Septic System Design
√ Septic Tank Inspection
√ Septic Tank Manufacturer
√ Filterport Caps
√ Free Estimates
√ Licensed and Certified
√ Residential & Commercial
√ Drain Field Replacement
√ Bed & Trench Systems
√ Local Since 1968
√ Drain Field Manufacturer
√ Elevated Drainfields
√ Lift Stations
√ Mound Systems
√ Real Estate Inspections
√ Obtain Necessary Permits
√ Professional Service
√ Reclaimed Rock Aggregate
√ Green Septic Systems

dixie septic tank inc dixie septic tank
Septic System Maintenance:

A few Do’s and Don’ts for your septic system. Our natural body wastes creates the correct kind of bacteria for the septic tank to work. It is not necessary to use additives in the septic system... read more

Septic Tank System FAQs

We are pleased to offer a few articles we have written over the past several years. We hope they might offer tips and answers to questions or issues you may have in regards to septic tanks... read more

dixie septic tank
Dixie Septic Tank Pump Out Service Deland Volusia county florida
Septic Tank Pump Out

A standard residential septic tank should be pumped out about every 3-5 years. This may vary with the number of persons using the system and the age of the system. read more

We service most of Central Florida. Please call us to schedule your septic system pump out. (386) 738-3030 or use our contact us page.

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Dixie Septic Tank, Inc.

335 N. Boundary Avenue
Deland, Florida 32720

Phone: (386) 738-3030
Fax: (386) 740-7666
Lic# SRO991327
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