Concrete septic tank manufacturer florida Dixie Septic Tanks
Concrete septic tank manufacturer florida Dixie Septic Tanks

Concrete Septic Tank Manufacturer

Concrete Septic Tank Filter PortConcrete septic tank maufacturer since 1968. We produce the premier pre-cast concrete septic tanks in the industry and have added enhancements that make pump out a breeze. Dixie Septic Tank is the only company manufacturing tanks with an easy access filter port as part of the design. No one else offers this.

Manufacturing pre-cast septic tanks involves quite a procedure to provide both the septic contractor as well as the homeowner a quality septic tank. Good news for our residental customers, these are the same tanks we install on every septic replacement.

Dixie Septic Tanks

Our concrete tanks are reinforced with a special grade fiber and steel.

The State of Florida Department of Health conducts a hydrostatic test once a year on our tanks.

State of Florida Health Department routinely performs concrete quality tests. This test shows them what grade concrete is being used. It is a test for strength and compression some call it a “break test.”

Pre-Cast Concrete Tanks
Concrete septic tanks being lifted from steel cast

Dixie Septic Tank Manufacturing

We cast the tank's legend number showing who we are and the code given to us by the state. This way the department of health inspector knows who built the tank.

Understand just not anyone can build a pre-cast concrete septic tank without going through a number of state requirements.

Our concrete septic tanks are classified as Category #3. This meets certain standards for septic tanks. Our tanks are designed to last.

Pre-Cast Septic Tanks

By manufacturing our own concrete septic tanks we control all of the quality that goes into a great product. Our concrete tanks must meet the State of Florida 64E requirements. This is the code and guidelines that the State has established for all of those in the business to follow. We cannot deviate from these rules.

But Wait! Good news for the consumer. There is one big important difference between our tanks and our competitor’s tanks for you the consumer.

• All septic tanks manufactured after 1998 must be a two compartment tank and have a filter installed in it in the second compartment.

• You as a homeowner must clean this filter at least once a year. The purpose of this filter is to trap any other nutrients or debris that may leach into the drainfield. This filter also keeps the drainfield from clogging up. With this filter working properly you are providing a cleaner water to work itself down into the aquifer. Please let’s all try and save the aquifer.

• With our EXTERNAL EASY ACCESS FILTER PORT located on the outlet end of the tank, all you have to do is unscrew a 5” diameter cap, put on a pair of rubber gloves, reach down inside the filter port and pull the filter out and wash it off and reinsert it.

• With our competitors most of their filters are located under the manhole cover of the tank.

• What this involves is you must locate this 24” diameter 100 pound plus lid. Then you must dig it up; find a devise to lift this heavy lid up and move it to the side, exposing the filter.

• Then you must reach over this big 24” opening into the tank. PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THE TANK. Remove the filter and clean it. Then lift the big heavy lid and put it back in the place. You should properly seal this lid as once it has been opened roots and dirt is very likely to begin going into the tank. Cover the lid with your sod again and DO IT ALL OVER NEXT YEAR.

• Or you can call your installer each year and pay a service call and have them do it for you. Another added expense that is not necessary. Which would you prefer?


• Dixie Septic Tank Inc. sells tanks to our competitors, so you should insist they use a Dixie Tank when the need arises.

• To area septic contractors and qualified plumbing professionals, we can provide and deliver and set our tank in your pre-dug hole for an additional charge.

• We also can provide customized lid sizes when needed for the replacement of broken lids.

• We pre-cast risers in 8” and 12”heights, with openings for pump chambers and electric connections in special needs along with round and square manhole covers in different sizes.

• We also pre-cast “D” box lids in both half-moon and parallelogram; we also sell filters and filter port screw off caps.

Insist on a Dixie Septic Concrete Tank for your next installation It will save your back when it comes time to clean that filter. Call us (386) 738-3030

Concrete septic tank manufacturer florida Dixie Septic Tanks
Concrete Septic Tanks

Our pre-cast cement septic tanks have an easy to access filter port (patented design) on the outlet end of the septic system. Its no longer necessary to lift heavy concrete manhole covers to access the filter for cleaning and it makes clean out quick and efficient.

Septic contractors and qualified plumbing professional inquiries are always welcome. Contact us for info.

Manufacturer of concrete septic tank sizes from 300 gallons to 1200 gallons in a number of variations.

Manufacturer of grease trap tanks for restaurant use. Contact us for info.

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